[Welcome] New Members for March 2, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Leigh Anne Dear
Houston, Texas. USA

(Jewelry & small objects) metal working student.

Yumi Sakamoto
San Francisco, CA. USA

I am a new to this site and jewelry making world as well. I may ask
a lot of help from you out there.

Debra Lyons
Destin, Fl. USA

I am a mixed media artist. I believe painting would be the strongest
area I have been successful with. I have had a space in an
antiques/interiors market for eight years. I enjoyed the process of
creating art and the pleasure of selling it.

I did start to realize that jewelry was always a big seller. When
the market dropped, I decided to quit renting space.

I always bought jewelry myself while traveling etc. and I tended
towards original works of art rather than manufactured. I decided
that I would concentrate on learning the art of metalsmithing as an
art form as I too wanted to sell jewelry but I wanted to create it
rather than purchase it. I found a teacher through the goldsmith
society last year and this year became a member.

I am brand new to metalsmithing. I have conquered the basics,
sawing, filing, soldering,finishing. I tend to be interested in
textures, patinas, and desire to incooperate drawing into my work.

I do have a rolling mill, flexshaft and most of the things one would
need except experience and knowledge. Hopefully joining Ganoskin
will further my creative spirit.

Jody Johnson
Berkeley, Ontario. Canada

I have made assorted jewlery at home. Have recently started using
metal clay. I also create stained glass for the last seven years.
intrested in how to and tip info. I have a diploma in Horticulture
and find my art leans to the organic form.