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[Welcome] New Members for March 18, 2010


Please welcome our newest members!

Keri Luiz
Concord, CA. USA

I’m pretty much an all-around Art Nerd, but my love of rocks,
jewelry, etc. goes back to childhood. An uncle of mine was a
complete Rock Hound, and shared his enthusiasm with me. I was
fortunate to live close enough to a lapidary shop where I could take
classes in cabbing stones (by hand and with machines) for about a
year. Also learned the joy of stringing necklaces, and the “fun” of
tiger tail wire.

Several years later I started bead weaving with seed beads. Managed
to burn myself out on it but somehow transitioned over to working
with wire. Put the jewelry making aside for a few years while I
pursued metal shaping & blacksmithing, then going through the
welding tech. classes at the local college. Last year I became
unemployed (thank you, economy!) so picked up jewelry making again
in order to keep myself from going stir crazy.

Now I’m swept back up by the fever, and taking the jewelry
fabrication classes at the local jc. It’s been a lot of fun learning
new techniques to supplement what I already know, and to learn new
twists on things I’ve already done.

Graphic designer & pixel jockey by profession, still on the hunt for
a full time job. I also do a lot of painting & pinstriping. (Like I
said, Art Nerd)

Linda Arnot
Pawleys Island, SC. USA

Hi, I have just found your forum and couldn’t wait to join. I have
been designing and making jewelry for about 1.5 years and I can’t
seem to think of anything I would rather do. I took a class in
copper years ago, but now I starting over and learning to work with
other metals and stones too. I work with wire more than anything, but
I am looking forward to branching into other areas. I look forward
to meeting you. Linda

Jan Richter
Borne, Germany

My name is and I’m living in Germany. Cutting opals for the last
couple of years for fun I’m starting now into the fascinating world
of Jewellery making, just for fun.

Carol Carr McKay
White Rabbit Designs
Athens, GA. USA

I am still getting my “sealegs” as a metalsmith and loving it. I have
been beading for about 8 years and taking metalsmithing classes from
some great instructors at Spruill Center for the Arts and the UGA
Continuing Education Center. I have so much to learn but love every
minute of my work. However, I’m often overwhelmed by the number of
hats I have to wear to be newly startin out–photographer,
administrator, student, marketer, accountant, advertising technician.
Sometimes it takes too much time from the actual work.


Just wanted to say a special hello to new member Linda Arnot - great
to have another South Carolinian on the forum! I’m in Cheraw Linda -
look me up if you are ever up this way!

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio