[Welcome] New Members for March 17, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Gwin Kerry
Chesterfield, UK

I set up a small business as a designer and maker in the UK in Oct
2013. My work focuses on copper and enamel and I make jewellery,
home and gift ware.

Charles Durand
Brunoy, France


I’m Chris, a french jeweler since 2007. I am now basically a
designer and product developer and I try everything to be the best
as possible in the jewelry field!

Deb Eckel
Howell, MI. USA

I’m a self-taught jewelry artist, working on it part-time as I have
an office day job. I love the endless creative challenges I find
every day in making jewelry. Currently involved in metalsmithing &
making gemstone bead jewelry. Hoping to start a blog soon.