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[Welcome] New Members for March 16, 2011

Orchid Circulation: 11,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Linda Nelson
Santa Barbara, CA. USA

Hi. I’m a beginner taking basic and stone setting classes. Is there
a used tools page? I’d like to find 2nd hand 8" pitchbowl, red or
medium NW Pitchworks pitch, set of 6-12 tools, Picard chasing hammer
no. 30. Cheers, Linda

Heather Harris
Durga Jewelry
Oregon city, OR. USA

I am a self taught jewelry and mixed media artist. I love to mix
metals and semi-precious I sell small scale via the
internet and a few small stores and trunk shows. I have learned so
much from Ganoksin and am forever grateful for allowing me to go to
art school with out having to actually go to school.

Daniel Culver
Lebec, CA. USA

Silversmith and tool and die relating to silver manufacturing of any

Mary T Meacham
Lakewood, Colorado. USA

I am a grateful apprentice of Nature and in particular, the precious
gifts of the Earth. It is this attraction that has led me to learn
about and experience the craft of jewelry-making.

Alexis Corelis
Aural Euphoria
Prescott, Arizona. USA

I am new to the jewelry design profession. Although I worked as a
silversmith in my early 20’s, I veered off into another career path
for the next 30 years. I am now retired and have gotten back onto
the creative path.

Last year I started my business, Aural Euphoria, and while still a
fledgling, I am have built a small but devoted following. I design
and create asymmetric earrings. Each side of a pair of earrings are
different but with a related theme. One side is usually longer then
the other. My earrings are “f or women who hear the world
differently”. I use a variety of components, charms, beads, metal,
glass, and recycled and found objects.

I am investigating new ways to make unique components for my
earrings and found this site through a search for etching
techniques, my current project.