[Welcome] New Members for March 11, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Janne Williams
Sydney, NSW. Australia

I’ve been a flutist all my life. My other love has always been
making jewellery.

I’m now more focused on jewellery than ever before and love it!
Latest passion being fold forming and forging thanks to a course I
was lucky enough to sign up for with Cynthia Eid!

Linda Ann Pawlowski
Buffalo, New York. USA

i started making wire jewelry about two years ago. i completed my
Introduction to Gemology from the ISG over a year ago, just for my
own knowledge. i basically stay with wire working and chainmaille. i
have just in the past year starting selling some of my work, but i
feel it needs a ton of improvement.

Dani Maresma
Rona, Girona. Spain

I’m a Jewelry designr in 3D and creator of istockjewel a 3D Jewelry

Veronica Swain
Fairfield, Connecticut. USA

Hello! I am an amateur polymer clay artist and an experienced
illustrator. I am interested in learning more about metal-smithing
and metal clay jewelry. Thanks for such an amazing resource!