[Welcome] New Members for March 1, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Mary McKey
Free Range Guppies
Winnetka, IL. USA


A strong treasure hunting instinct, combined with a passion for
rescuing abandoned objects, left me with a massive collection of
beach glass. In my quest to find ways to incorporate these colorful
gems into artwork, I discovered silversmithing. Beach glass jewelry
is now the primary focus of Free Range Guppies. I continue to refine
my metalworking skills in order to find new ways to showcase my

Nolan Dean Wixom
Wixom Studio
Saint Gabriel, Louisiana. USA

Studio jeweler interested in new ideas.

Assumpta Bou Acua
Rome, Italy

Im a goldsmith student in Rome, interested in ancient techniques
like granulation coloidal, ancient chain and all hand made.

W Van Calvert
Austin, TX. USA

I Majored in Metalsmithing and Jewelry at the University of North
Texas. My work mainly involves nonferrous metals but I do like to
incorporate other materials and found objects as well. I love simple
homemade tools as well as lust after the tools and machines I can’t
afford. As of yet, I haven’t devoted myself to any particular style
or theme.

Rosemary Mancillas
Canyon Rose Design
Livingston, TX. USA

I have been a jewelry designer for about 4 years. I did mostly
beadwork, still do, but have begun doing metal working this past
year. I make jewelry with silver and copper. I am fascinated by
rocks and have also been doing lapidary work, cutting my own stones.
Love it!!