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[Welcome] New Members for June 8, 2010


Please welcome our newest members!

Nancy A Cavella
GemJazz Designs
San Diego, CA. USA

Nancy lives and works in her home in Southern California with her
two cats, Ms. Phoebe, a beautiful silver tiger and Ms. Kaddie a
colorful calico diva. Never a moment goes by without their constant
inspection and advice for each and every design.

Nancy has always been drawn to the beautiful, natural colors that
surround us in nature, whether strolling down a country road or
hiking in the mountains, she always seems to pick up some different
rocks or minerals. Craftsmanship quality is her top priority. She
personally handpicks the finest quality materials from trusted names
in jewelry and gemstone suppliers to ensure that all of her
creations not only have a timeless design but is also durable enough
to last a lifetime.

Most of the pieces are one of a kind and all have their own unique
spiritual meaning. One of the intriguing aspects of selecting
gemstone jewelry is that we are usually drawn to the stones energy
that is most appropriate for our situation, whether it is needed for
healing or intention, you can be sure to choose the perfect piece of
gemstone jewelry for you or your loved one. Wearing handcrafted
gemstone jewelry can provide spiritual healing properties into your
daily life with their subtle energies throughout the day as well as
provide beautiful adornment.

Diana Jones
Soho South Imports
Mountain Brook, AL. USA

Hi. I have been fabricating silver and gemstone jewelry for about 10
years now. I have a fairly well equipped jewelry studio in my home
and am working to expand my technical knowledge. My work is as an
importer and wholesaler of sterling silver and gemstone beads which
I sell through my website.

Liz Blanchflower
Stone and Sterling Design
Leominster, MA. USA

I am a full time high school Spanish teacher that has had a late
calling to jewelry making. I am fascinated with metalwork and have a
small business that has allowed me to continue the craft and is
setting me up with an activity that I love in my retirement. Have
taken some classes, but am mostly self-taught.