[Welcome] New Members for June 7, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Angela Carter
Athens, Ohio. USA

I have been in the industry for 19 years, working for an AGS
independent store that was established in 1832. I am a registered
jeweler with the American Gem Society and a Certified Gemologist. I
finished the graduate bench jeweler program with Blaine Lewis at the
New Approach School for Jewelers in May of 2014.

Annie L Fullmer
Vermilion, OH. USA

Hobby jewelry maker. I took up jewelry making after retirement. I’m
just knowledgeable to know how very much I don’t know. I can see
what I want to do in my imagination, but don’t have the skills to
execute what I see in my head. I started out just stringing and have
started with wire wrapping. I live in a very small town with few
educational resources in jewelry making and am hopeful that Ganoksin
can give me guidance. I must be doing something right, as I have
been accepted by our regional arts guild. The more I learn, the more
I want to expand my skill set.

Sem Brown
New York, New York. USA

Helo everyone, this is sem and i am a jewelry designer and online
trader of jewelry, but i am on a starting process of this business
so i want to learn new things about jewelry and also want to share
my point of views on this, so keep in touch with me.

Adriana l Mendez
Buenos Aires, Argentina

My name is Adriana Laura Mendez. I am a jewelry designer from
Argentina that has always been passionate about the world of fashion
and jewelry. In 2005, I started designing jewelry as a hobby until I
was able to create perfect designs. Three years later, along with my
son Julian, we decided to launch our own jewelry company of wire
crochet jewelry. I specialize in the field of crochet jewelry in
which I develop the Peruvian point.

Completely bespoke and handcrafted, my jewelry is made to be a work
of art. Created with my unique wire crochet technique, these pieces
add that great dose of bling to any outfit. You will wear a design
that is unique, sophisticated and simply dazzling.

Stylish and trendy, provocative yet desirable, innovative yet with a
touch of timelessness.

The threads convey a handcraft and laboriousness to every single
design. Lightweight, comfortable and skillfully made, all our
jewelry is transformed into a true unique piece of art.

Our designs symbolize the passion for marvelous jewelry and embraces
the new and the unknown in the world of jewelry.

After creating numerous collections of jewels, we decided to expand
the knowledge of the art of wire crochet jewelry by selling
innovative jewelry tutorials.

In these tutorials, I explain everything you need from the
beginning, without requiring the reader to have prior knowledge,
clearly explaining step by step, with pictures and graphics to
facilitate understanding.

Welcome to my world of “One Of A Kind Wire Crochet Jewelry and