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[Welcome] New Members for June 6, 2010


Please welcome our newest members!

Steve Induni
Oceanside, CA. USA

Better than novice lapidary cabochon maker

But novice with silver solder

This is an avocation that I would persue full time if I can ever
retire, completeley; at age 68, I still work a 40 hour week mostly
because I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I did retire

Cabs, sodering, chains, channel inlay and next year Hopi overlay
will keep me busy, entertained, and challenged so I may be able to
find out what I will be when I grow up

Lisa M Hamilton
Brooklyn, NY. USA

I like fire, metal and glass. I have a perfectionist’s eye and lazy

Shawna Adam
Fullerton, CA. USA

HI all, I’m Shawna V. Adam & I am on a quest exploring the art field
that is full of a variety of mediums to work with. I enjoy combining
a multitude of techniques & materials in my art: glass, enamel,
metal, welding, paint—which probably would place me in the mixed
media artist category. I have a thirst for obtaining a wide variety
of knowledge & understanding. With each project I begin, I find
others whom share the same mindset as me & I branch out to explore &
develop the skills needed to perfect my craft. Opportunities present
themselves making this journey quite an eventful one! As I am not
focused in one particular area, I would say that my life is
organized chaos—which I have found to be an exciting adventure as
I keep all my options open and now have developed a variety of
skills. I teach in a public elementary school during the day & am
involved with many civic groups, or ganizations and service oriented
projects. I also am currently the president of the So Calif Glass

Val Burnett
Sudbury, Suffolk. UK

I am currently setting up a studio and kitting it out from scratch.
Silver smithing is new to me but I am learning and keen to practise
hard once everything is in place - I will have no excuses then!! The
articles on organizing a workshop, bench and general ergonomics have
been very helpful in the short time I’ve been reviewing this site and
I expect to learn a lot more about my craft in time from this forum.

Jim Johnston
Phoenix, Arizona. USA

Hello My name is Jim and I enjoy turning coins into coinrings. I am
self taught and still learning.

Jackie Smith
Orinda, CA. USA

I am an antique restorer, who started learning various jewelry
techniques to restore antiques. After a while I discovered I enjoyed
making jewelry too!