[Welcome] New Members for June 30, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Sarah Parker Heermann
Cary, NC. USA

I am a metal clay artist who has an array of original art jewelry as
well as a line of fingerprint jewelry. I have been working with
precious metal clay for almost eight years. As a philosophy and
English major, I tend to be inspired by the written word,
sentiments, quotations, proverbs, ideas, etc. However, I love design
for the simple beauty of design as well. Even though I have been
working with PMC for so long, I still consider myself a beginner! It
seems as though I am learning every moment. I am currently working
on a website and wanting to spend more time on my creations. I have
worked with some small boutiques, but the bulk of my pieces have
sold via word of mouth… the mighty mom network! I am eternally
grateful to the community of jewelry and metal clay artists that I
have found on the internet and can only hope that I can contribute
in some small way to inspire or help someone else.

Brian Johnson
Gold Rush Jewelers
Wasilla, AK. USA

Born and raised in Alaska have worked for Randy Martin at Gold Rush
Jewelers in wasilla alaska for 19 years, in retail sales and a whole
lot of jewelery bench work,also have my AJP with GIA.Iam always
interested in good bench tips as well as establishing new business
relationships with other jewele rs in the field.

Peter Deng
Shanghai, China

925 silver cufflinks studio