[Welcome] New Members for June 29, 2010

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Please welcome our newest members…

Tami OcOnnell
Elkton, MD. USA

I have been stringing jewelry for years, been doing lapidary for a
few years and have just started silver smithing.

Karen K Matthews
Karen k jewelry
Alexandria, VA. USA


Please refer to my website for Bio

G.D. Kiffer
Amsterdam, Netherlands

My name is Kiffer. I am a carpenter living in Amsterdam, making
jewelry on the side. I’m self-taught and work mostly in silver. Six
months ago I started making jewelry again for the first time in 10
years. Before that I’d been doing it for four years, when I lived in
Vienna. I couldn’t kick the habbit so I started again.

Deena Juras
Brooklyn, New York. USA

I have been taking jewelry classes for the last couple of years and
I have been slowly creating a studio space in my apartment. I hope
that this year I will be able to focus more on honing the skills I
have learned and begin to feel comfortable to actually start making
jewelry that I can sell.