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[Welcome] New Members for June 28, 2010


Orchid Circulation: 10,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Tony Baldwin
A. A. Baldwin’s Jewelry by Design
Marietta, OH. USA

I am a Jewelers of America Certified Master Bench Jeweler operating
my own custom order retail store since 2003. I have been involved in
making jewelry since first introduced to it by an art teacher in
Athens Ohio in 1975.

My work has leaned towards more commercial styling and restyling of
clients gemstones and metals. My art background sometimes yields to
what a client wants to have made. When given the opportunity though
I still love the organic nature my work drifts back to. I work
mostly in gold and platinum, but I do can work with most jewelry
metals. My shop is fully equipped with CAD/CAM, Laser welder, a
casting and finishing area as well as several fully equipped benches
that are used for many different projects.

Michael Francis Hammer
Hammer Jewelry
Collierville, TN. USA

Michael and David Hammer. We are diamond setters and goldsmiths.
Horologist, G.G.S. We are a full service jewelry store. We custom
design jewelry, diamond settings, appraisals, insurance adjustments,
jewelry repair, watch repair, and engraving. All work is performed
in our store, which has been in its current location/building for 30
years, and in this country for 150 years.

Donna Ellis
Valley Township, USA

Hello. I have been making jewelry for a number of years. I love to
make it and I love to wear it. I am always looking to learn. I love
to explore areas I am interested in and have little experience in.
The knowledge I gain helps me to become better at the craft and
helps to develop my imagination.

Gabrielle Becker
Gabrielle Becker Designs, LLC
Scottsdale, AZ. USA

Once upon a time I was a CPA, I now do what I love and that is to
create - be it jewelry, gardens, a fabulous dinner… and I love to
learn which is why I’ve joined Ganoksin!