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[Welcome] New Members for June 28, 2009


Please welcome our newest members!

Carol J Krieks
Associated Artisans LLC
Irvine, CA. USA

DBA Joy Works a metal and textile design studio DBA Artisan

Olga Czerny Sanchez
Los Ranchos, New Mexico. USA

Husband and wife team 3D/CAD CAM Solid Designs: wearable art designs
and wax caving art studio. Our goal is to produce an item that
reflects what a person desires to have in their life or business.
With our 3D designs and CAD CAM system we can make CNC cut wax for:
patterns, models, single one-of -a-kind pieces, or production

Depending on the application for metal fabrication, ancient art
methods are also used in our studio such as: tradition metal
carving, casting, chasing, repouss and raising.

The possibilities are open to creativity. Being a small production
company, we facilitate short runs with quality; our production
design is in house and in the USA.

Mary E Wurst Gemologist AJP
Marys Gems and Jewelry
Houston, Texas. USA

I have a small business,am a Gemologist and love gems of all kinds,
am trying to go back to colledge and learn more on how to work find,
set stones and more about metals, I am right now beading, learning
wire wrap also,I mostly like to bead gem materal, I love the pearls
also.I have missed getting your forms eveyday as each of you have
show news thing in the gem word and jewelry business. I hope that if
i might have a question i need the ask too, may i ask some on the
formun if they have the answers. thank you and hope this will be a
great new place to make friends

RLee Warren
Swansea, SC. USA

I am 60 yrs old and was just declared 100% disabled by The VA…So I
want to start a small side hobby that will keep me out of my wife

Frank Owen Paulson
West bank, BC. Canada

first nations artist frank paulson engraver,constructer,designer
working in gold and silver,learning to alloy,roll,draw,white gold
wire and flat stock