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[Welcome] New Members for June 27, 2009


Please welcome our newest members!

Gordon Aatlo
Gordon Aatlo Designs

I design fine jewelry with a focus on colored I design in
precious metals including platinum. I enjoy working with gemstone
art and I have been called a gemstone artist’s jewelry artist. Most
of the time, I am inspired by the gemstone first and create a design
based on the charactaristics of the stone. I work in series of
designs, which are limited, and for the most part, most are one of a
kind. I have a working studio in San Carlos where my work is
produced, from concept to finished piece. For wholesale accounts, I
offer the option of working with their existing gemstone inve ntory
and I will create items exclusive to their store. I am considered a
master goldsmith and platinumsmith.

Merylin Broughton
Maylynn cc
Cape town, South Africa

I love people from all over the world, i love making friends!!