[Welcome] New Members for June 26, 2010

Orchid Circulation: 10,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Lisa T Reddick
Grand Cane Lampwork Beads
Grand Cane, LA. USA

Lampwork beadmaker with interest in combining beads with other metal
arts and recycled/repurposed jewelry.

John Alex Hood
Scotia Gems
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Canada


I am a lapidarist and learning silver smith. I am a retired teacher
Having taught chemistry and music for 30 years. I have completed
post graduate studies in Oceanography, music and education. I was
first introduced to lapidary technology by the late Cliff Hood and
silver work by Ruth

Amanda De Witt Engberg
Ephraim, Wi. USA

I have been a studio jeweler since 1972. I live in a resort area
called Door County, Wisconsin. When I first started making jewelry,
I did a lot of juried art shows. When that became too difficult to
juggle with my parenting responsibilities, I started a small retail
outlet in Ephraim, Wisconsin, which is located on the waters of
Green Bay and Lake Michigan. The retail operation has served me
well, but now that I have reached an age of being an empty nester, I
wish to close the retail and go back to the studio to work full time
as an art and jewelry designer. I miss not being able to work with
uninterrupted time. I feel lucky to be able to do full circle on my
jewelry career. I look forward to retiring from the public and enter
the sanctum of my studio to work on ideas that have developed over
the years, and to learn new techniques. I will once again, try to
jury and be included in the fine juried art shows of the mid-west.
This is an exciting phase of my life, something I didn’t really
expect when I started in 1972.

Diane Birtwell
Chicago, IL. USA

I’m a beginning bench jeweler trying to find spare time to explore
many mediums including enamels, glass, PMC, wire crochet, etc.