[Welcome] New Members for June 2, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Enrique Veogente
Jewellery Workshop
Southport, Merseyside. UK

hello, having been repair jewellers assistant / cad designer for
five years in southport uk, i am currently setting up my own studio
(collecting machinery and tools) but having recently found ganoskin
it has given me inspiration to discover and try more techniques. not
really got any direction (apart from up… :slight_smile: ) at the mo but will be
dropping by here on a regular basis

Elizabeth Mead Sightler
Burlington, VT. USA

Hello. I am a happy little artist in VT. I design and sell jewelry on
Etsy…and spend the rest of my time as a social worker supporting
folks with disabilities to lead save and rewarding lives. I am
interested in living a life that leaves me feeling that i took the
chances and was brave. I want to be sitting on the rocker with a
smirk, and holding the hand of someone I love who says “I know what
you mean”, and does. I have lived a life that when I describe it
makes me sound like a pathological liar. I love my children more than
I ever thought imaginable, I secretly think it’s more than anyone
ever did (just like you). I am quite compulsive about jewelry -
historical, antique, vintage and made this week. I think that much of
what I make in terms of Jewelry design is still in the fanatical
“sketching” phase, but playing with colors and alloys and pearls and
vintage glass tips a balance in me that is very satisfying. I like
designs that are rich, a little naughty, but never vulgar. I have a
hunger for Jewelry that will remain, so please teach me more.

Best, Beth