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[Welcome] New Members for June 18, 2011

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Please welcome our newest members…

Claire Robinson
Melbourne, Victoria. Australia

Hi, my legal name is Claire but I am known as Jett. I was born in
South Australia but I have lived in Melbourne for about 10 years. I
have a studio shop front which strangely enough I share with my
husband yusuke who is a hair artist… but it works.:slight_smile: I have studied
product design at TAFE majoring in jewellery, 2 years of a BFA metals
at Monash and am currently studying manufacturing and engineering
jewellery at TAFE part-time at night. I work on private commissions,
exhibit occassionally and am in the process of trying to set up an
online shop. I teach hobby classes at my studio but despite this feel
I am at the beginning of my adventure with jewellery but the love
affair with metal is longstanding.! I am at this point trying to take
my jewellery practice to a professional level and trying to improve
my technical abilities. I don’t really know how to explain how i work
except that it is a vehicle for reflections… be they personal or
environmental. for example my current work is based on the notion of
uneasiness created by rapid advancement. That the more we
’understand’ our world through scientific discoveries and
technological advancement an alienation from our world develops
simultaneously… I work largely in silver and recycled brass and
copper, but it depends on the creation. I often enjoy a rustic and
imperfectness to my work but it still has to be aesthetically
perfect, well, to me.:slight_smile: and technically sound. I am really excited to
find this site and look forward to meeting other jewellers.

Umran Mohammed
Bradford, UK

hi my name is umran i am a goldsmith i learnt my trade from my
father who was a goldsmith who was taught by his father. i am
interested in learning new techniques from other jewellers

Susan L Genco
Eaglenest studio
Scotia, NY. USA

Experienced goldsmith, jeweler, designer, Familiar with all aspects
of the jewelry business. Very fortunate to have apprenticed and
worked with some of the most talented, generous men and women. I
have also taught many classes, private and college level, and have
been inspired by the raw talent out there. I love learning, whether
from Alan Revere, or one of the amazing old guys who came before me.
Starting out at Bowman Technical school gave me my start and work
ethic. I want to keep going, giving back, passing on what I have been
given and putting it all into the jewelry I create.