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[Welcome] New Members for June 12, 2011

Orchid Circulation: 11,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Bea Maxwe Maxwell
Rivervale, NJ. USA

I started working in enameling and jewelry over the last two years.

I have10 years experience in fused glass and about the 12 in
ceramics. Stictly a hobbyist, though I have sold much in shows over
the years.

It seemed like an natural progression from the large kiln to the
small kiln and then to other heat related work i.e soldering, fusing

I’ve been doing workshops and classes and tons of reading and web
searching in pursuit of knowledge, info and ideas.

Jim McConville
Medford, Oregon. USA

old student

Noah Praetorius
Post Falls, USA

An artist and sculpture for many years, but just starting to really
take it seriously and see myself in that light. I am very interested
in multiple art forms and within this polymath approach try to find
ways to integrate traditional modes and methods in a unique way.
Part of this includes learning both metal and glass and finding a
way to blend them. This is the wonderful thing about art, for we are
constantly exploring, there is usually some new daunting learning
curve and every day is new awaiting discovery.

Bryan Johnson
Winnipeg, Manitoba. Canada

I am an independent jeweller working in Winnipeg Canada. When not
making jewellery I grow orchids and parrots.