[Welcome] New Members for June 12, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Elaine Mary Ainslie
Crowthorne, Berkshire. UK

I have only just begun this journey with jewellery, I am a retired
lawyer, a part time stain glass artist, a mum to three boys and one
girl. I have been both moved and motivated by the articles and the
sheer generosity of the professionals on this site, giving of their
time and their talents. There is such a warmth and a camaraderie. I
dip in and out of the Ganoksin Project on a daily basis. I am
learning so much now. I thank you all and wish you all my very best

Hilary Olander-Quamme
Lapointe, WE. USA

Trained metalsmith, studied under Lisa Gralnick and Kim Cridler, et
al. @ UW MADISON. Graduated with BFA focus in Art Metals. Works in
silver, with natural stones/ found objects/ beach glass, and accents
of gold. Selling currently @ Bell Street Gallery on Madeline Island.
Working @ LaPointe Center Art Guild.

Amber Van Ausdall
Loot Box Jewelry
Fort Collins, CO. USA

Hi ! My name is Amber Van Ausdall. I am a Metal Artist. My passion
is metal. My work is mostly hand forged sterling silver jewelry.
Occasionally I will incorporate Copper, 14k Gold, Ultra-Soft Leather
and/or semi-precious gem stones to add some personality in to my
pieces. I believe in the beauty of sterling silver, so I do my best
to keep my designs simple