[Welcome] New Members for June 12, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Jett Curtis
Albuquerque, New Mexico. USA

I am new to metal working. My experience is with small stone
sculpture, porcelain, ceramic, leather and wood. I’m interested in
metal to produce mixed media jewelry, small and large works of art.

Taufeeque Ahmed Moinuddin
Meeno’s Collection
Karachi, Pakistan

Dear all, My name is Taufeeque Ahmed. Basically I am a gold smith and
I have been working as a gold smith for eighteen years. I can
designing manually, I know the wax carving, I can design on jewel
CAD too. I have a small work shop and it is running nicely its name
Meeno’s Collection.

Deborah MacArthur
Westport, CT. USA

I have been in the Jewelry business for several years. Initially
just making jewelry from beads, pearls and other similar media. Over
the past 5 years or so, I have been taking classes in silver and
gold smithing. I love working in these precious metals and have
recently been learning the lost wax method.

Teresa Jo Perry
Toledo, Ohio. USA

I am a Jewelry & Metals artist who jst graduated from Bowling Green
State University in Ohio with my Bachelor of Fine Art. I also work in
small sculpture and glass. I love any 3D media that helps me to
express what I choose to in each piece that I create. I had
FANTASTIC teachers whom I try to emulate every time I make a new
piece, as they were true perfectionists in their craft and taught me
to be the same. I create art because I cannot imagine a life where I
could not, and art jewelry is my favorite thing to make, in any
media. I am still learning whatever I can absorb, and I feel that the
day I STOP learning will be the day I leave is realm.