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[Welcome] New Members for June 11, 2009


Please welcome our newest members!

Shae Nichole O’Neill
Poplar Grove, Illinois. USA

Hi! My name is Shae. I’m a housewife and the mother of an awesome
14yr. old son & beautiful 3yr. old daughter. I have many health
problems so working ouside the home is not really an easy thing for
me. I love to read! I draw, work with wood, engrave glass and other
crafts as well. I actually just bough t some gems to use in a new
wood project but when I got them, they were too beautiful! So, here
I am, waiting for some other supplies to try my hand at making some
jewelry. LOL I’ve ordered a few books, and I’m researching online
while I wait for the mail! :slight_smile:

Michael S. Dixon
Portneuf Sur Mer, Quebec. Canada

On retirement I started in watch and clock making and then became
more interested in hand working metal techniques which led me to

Diana Keenan
Pensacola, FL. USA

I have studied jewelry making steadily for the last 10 years. I am
currently a member of Florida Society of Goldsmiths and the Metal
Works Guild. Currently my concentration is enameling and am a student
of James Carter. By profession, I am a Dental Laboratory Technician.
A lot of my skills as a technician transfer over to the area of
jewelry making. (ei. waxing, casting, metal finishing,and even