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[Welcome] New Members for June 10, 2014


Please welcome our newest members…

Kris Schmid
Phillipsburg, NJ. USA

I’ve been in the retail jewelry business for 26+ years. I’m a G. G.,
bench jeweler, appraiser, and manufacturer.

Tereze Gluck
New York, NY. USA

I work directly in metal and I also carve models in wax. I’m also an

Janneke Ouwehand
Amsterdam, Netherlands


I am an amateur jewelry designer/goldsmith. I took some classes in
basic goldsmithing techniques in 2008 and 2009 and have gradually
built up my skills (and workspace) in my living room since then.

I am a perfectionist, fascinated by geometric shapes,
mechanisms/movement in jewelry and a lover of sleek and modern

Currently I mainly work with silver, gemstones and resin.

Jay Conner
Sacramento, CA. USA

I am a hobbyist gem faceter and am interested in all aspects of
jewelry making.