[Welcome] New Members for July 8, 2010

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Please welcome our newest members…

Kim Sannes
San Diego, CA. USA

Amateur jewelry artist.

Mary Zayman
Brooklyn, NY. USA


I’m an artist-painter and mixed media-who has recently become
interested in making jewelry. I haven’t begun to solder yet, so I’m
currently teaching myself wire work techniques and incorporating
beading into my pieces. I’m a toolaholic,and am my current obsession
is hammering. I have never sold my work, and don’t have any
particular interest in doing so, as right now I’m enjoying the
pleasure of learning and creating for its own sake.

Terri Barber
Santa maria, CA. USA

I am just a beginner,and very excited to start

Dorota Baginski
Elgin, IL. USA


“To know is nothing at all. To imagine is everything.”