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[Welcome] New Members for July 8, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

John Ton
Cottage Hills, IL. USA

Future bench jeweler in the making! I’m currently taking GIA courses
for G.G. certification, with hopes to take the bench jewelers’
studies in Carlsbad. I really don’t want to go out of town that far
for 6-8 months, so if there’s another program closer to Missouri
I’ll definitely consider it. Ri ght now I’m in the middle of planning
a studio/gem lab for grading and appraisals. I want to use this
forum to get some ideas on pro/cons of equipment, both for gem
ID/sales and small scale jewelry manufacturing.

Any ideas you may have would be much appreciated!

Jennifer L Kaufman
Aurora, OH. USA

I am a new-ish jewelry designer/silversmtih out of Cleveland, Ohio
who works primarily with sterling and semi-precious stones. Right now
I am focused on trying to get my peices into stores and experimenting
with CAD and casting. I have had some success running my own kiosk
and website. I love de signing with organic elements and am always
looking for new techniques that I can incorporate and learn.