[Welcome] New Members for July 5, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Jennifer Leigh James
Durham, NC. USA


Jewelry designer (predominantly stringing) of 15 yrs. Recent new
student in metalsmithing. Loving learning new techniques.

Vinh Tran
Orange, CA. USA


I have been jewelry instructor for the City of Huntington Beach, CA
for 6 years. Gemstones, natural motif, colors… are my passion. I
like to put them together to see how they transform into another

Jewelry making with me therefore a hobby first. Then gradually comes
to a part-time job that can release stress from my legal job.

Sincerely yours

Bradley Bowers
Savannah, Georgia. USA

Industrial Designer and Jewelry Designer

Kim D Fox
Mayer, AZ. USA


I entered the jewelry industry as an adult. Starting jewelry as a
hobby I determined I wanted it as a career. I went to GIA to get my
GG and to study design and then to Revere to take their jewelry
technician intensive.

In 2005 I opened my studio. I have won two international design
awards, one in Hong Kong and another in Denver. I show at juried
artisan shows, but also work at designing unusual jewelry findings
and clasps which I use for my pieces and also sell to other

Since I have over 4 years experience using CAD as a design tool and
over 25 years in the computer industry before joining the jewelry
industry I would say that a computer is my strongest tool.

I love more traditional jewelry manufacturing techniques and have
taken classes each year to add to my skills. Many people have been
kind and generous to me since I have joined the jewelry industry.
All have known full well I am a newby, but one that wants to learn
and improve. I thank them all.