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[Welcome] New Members for July 4, 2014


Please welcome our newest members…

Babanath Kabiraj Padhi
Mumbai, India, 400093

I am a person who working in R&D and want to explore some thing new
so I wanted to conect with forum.

Margy Stein
Burbank, CA. USA

I’m a beginning/intermediate bench jeweler working mostly in
sterling and stones. I cut most of my own cabochons and am
particularly fond of Australian material. I hope that being part of
the Orchid community will help me stay connected to my passion, and
keep me learning… I’ve been meaning to join for years!

Lucille M Wilder
Largo, FL. USA

I’m a retired software engineer. I started making jewelry in 2010;
for myself and family. Then I started doing shows. Now I design and
fabricate one of a kind jewelry full time. I work primarily in
sterling and fine silver. I love metals, clays, wire, beads,
buttons, and puzzle pieces. I hope to be a productive member of this
community; initially to listen and learn and eventually contribute.