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[Welcome] New Members for July 4, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Lorraine Beley
Moorpark, CA. USA

I’m a retired teacher. When I was in college I was a an art major.
With retirement I now have had time to find classes in jewelry
making and just love it. The classes I go to are an hour drive there
and an hour drive back. The class is worth every minute of driving
time. Going to class has opened a door to whole new group of friends

I have taken over our guest bedroom to make myself a studio that I
enjoy. I now am setting up get togethers of people from class to do
different jewelry projects and share at my home.

Kate Wilcox-Leigh
Williamston, MI. USA

I am a long time lurker and sometimes contributor. Jewelry making
has been my first love since my high school days in the late
eighties. I received my BFA in crafts with a focus on metals from
the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Since then I have been
working towards the balance between personal fulfillment and making
enough money to live on in regards to jewelry. I am still working on
perfecting that. Thank you to Orchid and the Orchid community for
your wealth of and encouragement. We all are lucky to
have such a source!


Trish Parker
Raleigh, USA

Hi. I’m a beginning student with two years experience in silver
smithing classes. I’m eager to learn, with special interest in gem
setting and construction of pendants.

Rachel B Weiss
Amherst, MA. USA

It all began with a love of beads. As early as 7 I can remember
going to the bead store and my mom and I guessing at the identities
of the semi-precious beads. As I grew-up, a turning point occurred
when I moved out west toLeadville Co. for a summer to do a
Veterinary Internship. I ended up find ing my self more interested in
hunting around old mine tilings and the geology of the area. When I
returned, I began my schooling at the University in geology, rather
than biology. After taking Mineralogy I knew what I wanted to do.
Combine my passion of minerals into a hands on artistic career.

I am currently taking classes in jewelry fabrication, and work on
the sales floor of a prestigious local firm. I also have a bench in
my own studio and am planning on getting my G.G. from G.I.A.

Linda Ann Sandeman
Leicester, UK


I am just beginning in the world of jewellery. I use Precious Metal
Clay and am gradually learning about silver-smithing techniques. I
have discovered some wonderful stones, ie jaspers, agates, boulder
opals that I am very excited about using in my jewellery.

Thank you for reading my introduction.

Kind regards

Tom Wohlfeld
New Albany, IN. USA

I make silver, copper, and metal clay jewelry. I have been making
jewelry aout 2 1/2 years. I make a let of pendants. I am just
starting to work shows.