[Welcome] New Members for July 30, 2010

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Please welcome our newest members…

Ann C risa
Pembroke Pines, FL. USA, 33029

I am in my 50’s and am new to metalsmithing.

My great, great grandfather was a silversmith in the 1800’s. I am
hoping that, somewhere deep inside, I have at least a smidgen of his

I have taken a couple of classes from a local artist, and am hooked!
I have found the internet to be such a wonderful learning tool.
There are so many people willing to share their knowledge.

Annette Petch
Annette Petch Jewellery
Manor Lane. Sheffield, UK

I design and make jewellery and small decorative items such as bowls
and boxes, using silver and gold. Specialisms are chasing and
repouss, and hand made chains. My work is inspired by gardens,
woodland, and the seashore.