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[Welcome] New Members for July 30, 2009


Please welcome our newest members!

Dinah Hoyt Taylor
Starting Box Designs, Co.
Perry, NY. USA

Ive been designing and making jewelry for 12 years. A background in
Design and Fine Art inspired me to start making some of the designs
I kept dreaming about. Ive been an Antiques and Collectible dealer
for 35 years, and loved the Vintage Costume and Fine Jewelry I
collected and sold which encouraged me to pursue more experience in
actual fabrication and techniques to create what I loved. I have
worked with many wonderful artists and professors, among them:
Patrice Case, SUNY Geneseo, Lisa Venema, and Art Meadows, Ocala, FL.

I am featured in Ann Pitmans The Jewelry Box, Vol. 3, for my artisan
jewelry, my unusual vintage Horse Brooch Collection, and specific
vintage Designer Jewelry. I have attended the VFCJ Convention in
Providence, RI, 2003, 2005, 2007, and will be there this October,

Patricia Ann Sanford
Victorian Elegance
Lancaster, CA. USA

I’ve been designing jewelry for the past 14 years. I’m wanting to try
new things like learning about rivieting jewelry.I use to buck rivets
when I worked at Lockheed to make L1011 airplanes but they are quite
a bit larger than a necklace. Number one I don’t know where to buy
the rivets for the rive t hammers. I’m really excieted about your
site!!! Thank you for allowing me to join in on the fun. Patricia
(Pat) Sanford 8-28-09