[Welcome] New Members for July 30, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Cal H Matthews
Urbach Associates
Pasadena, CA. USA

My profession was Engineering but I am now retired. I am an avid
beader, lapidarist and hobby jewelry maker.

Doreen Armstrong
Tomas Jewelry
Arcata, CA. USA

I am a CAD Software user with a mechanical engineering background
and am new to the CAD/CAM jewlery industry.

Karen Thomas
Riverside, CA. USA

I’m fairly new to making jewelry and want to do the best work
possible so I’m constantly searching for insight.

Rollin Huber
Colorado Scientific
Denver, CO. USA

My name is Rollin and I’ve been in the gem and jewelry business
about 25 years. I live in Denver CO and am very glad to have found
your website. Actually a few of our customers had told me about you,
as we deal with a lot of goldsmiths, silversmiths and people trying
for certain patinas on different metals (silver, copper,brass, steel
etc.) Anyway, thanks for letting me join you here and I hope to
learn even more! (hopefully share some things also), Rollin

Adam Hunter
Cookson Precious Metals
Birmingham, West Midlands. UK

E-Commerce Manager / Jeweller running Cookson Precious Metals Web
site. The leading supplier of Bullion, Tools, Findings to the UK