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[Welcome] New Members for July 29, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Shirley Park
Toronto, ON. Canada

I am an independant jewellery artist with a passion for metal and a
growing desire to work in an eco and socially conscious way.
Reconciling my love of gold/silver with working “green” and "good"
is a challenge - but I’m in the process of learning more about how
to do it. I’ve been an anonymous browser of Orchid for a few years
now, and I feel it’s time to come out of the closet. The forum has
been such a wealth of for me, and I hope I may be able
to contribute to the knowledge that is contained within it.

Martin Rizzi
Taxco, Guerrero. Mexico

cottage industry jewelry production in Mexico

David Wayne McLaughlin
Perth, Western Australia

very interested in jewelry making & all it entails. I make
flameworked beads & need the various finished product that comes
with knowing what jewelry techiques can be used. Very iterested &
passionate about creating jewelry,related to enhancing my newly
discovered (4yrs-beads) creastive bent.

Kathleen Otranto
Farmingville, NY. USA


My name is Kathleen Otranto. I have recently fallen in love with
metals and I was browsing for ideas on patinas and etching. I am a
NEWBIE. I have done some wire work and basic stringing but after a
class with Janice Berkebile, have fallen madly in love with playing
with metal and fire and texture. I am thrilled to be able to share
some of your incredible ideas, insights and questions. Thanks for
sharing your journey.


Vicki Welsh
Castro Valley, CA. USA

I have always been attracted to metal and found that I love working
with chain mail. I recently took beginner classes in soldering and
fusing. Classes coming up for me: creating bezels and finishing
techniques. Currently I’m reading about metalsmithing on my own. I
enjoy this kind of forum for the variety and depth of the knowledge
that is shared. And it’s interesting and exciting to learn about all
the different approaches to a technique. Looking forward to Orchid