[Welcome] New Members for July 25, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Molly Jeffers
Yelm, WA. USA

I’m retired and 2 years ago I saw that a local college had a jewelry
making course. I decide even though I’m not artistic it sounded
interesting. I love the class and learning silver smithing. Right now
my husband it helping me fix a work shop, so I can play at home
also. I worked in the construction industry so this is a big change
of pace and is great.

Gloria Helene Lenon
Hemlock Hollow Creations
Chuckey, Tennessee. USA


I live the mountains of Northeast Tennessee. I am starting to work
in silver and other metal smithing. Currently working with fine
silver. I also make necklaces and earrings.

I am 62, retired RN. I live with my wonderful husband, a great dog
named Loki, two iguanas - both old gals, 17 and 14 years of age, a
sulcata tortoise, V’ger, age 11 and a leopard gecko. I feed numerous
birds and love hummingbirds. I try to use nature for my products and
believe in recycling silver. Looking to learn about casting.

I am also a contra dancer. Lived in the Washington, DC area most of
my life then in Florida for 14 years.

D. Ebrahim
Trimbach, Switzerland

I am fascinated by jewelery making. Just took two courses and now I
am looking for the suitable tools to put all my ideas and projects
into actions. I hope I am still welcome here as a beginner. I already
made a ring and two necklaces, but not with my own tools!

Leslie C Welfare
Silver Side Up Studio
Orillia, Ontario. Canada

I am a new artisan in the silver clay medium, doing it for just over
2 years. There is much to learn and it is my hope that with your
assistance I will become better and better at what I love. I am a mum
of 3 children, all off hand, and I am an empty nester, spending my
winters in Florida.

Francesca Keesee
Dana point, USA

I am a jewelry design student in Los Angeles, CA.