[Welcome] New Members for July 23, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Lucia Pasquinelli
LU.PA Italian Jewelry Design
Venice, CA. USA


LU.PA designer Lucia Pasquinelli was born and raised in Rome, Italy,
a land of art, history, and traditions. Coming from an artistic
family and having been surrounded by a culturally rich environment,
Lucia has always been creative and inclined to manifest her beliefs,
which include respect and app reciation of life and of the
environment. Her creativity is motivated by the desire for harmony
within the world.

Her jewelry is made with the intention of highlighting natures
beauty by turning natural materials into pieces that transmit the
power of the metals and of the stones to the wearer.

All of her pieces are handcrafted exclusively of precious metals and
may include gems, pearls, and other organic materials. Some of the
stones are shaped by the artist herself. She applies various
techniques when creating her jewelry and loves to play with the
metals, altering their normal boundari es into unexpected

Candace Stern
Candace Stern Jewelry Design
Apopka, FL. USA

Hello! I am a mostly self-taught (I do not have formal schooling but
have had classes) beginning jewelry artist. I began beading almost 7
years ago and have done some wire work as well. I wanted to increase
my knowlege and test my creative ability and am currently exploring
and expanding my interest in jewelry fabrication. I am currently
"between opportunities" in the job market but that condition has
opened the door for me to examine my artistic abilities and I’m
enjoying the journey! I have read many articles on your site and
felt it was time to join the forum. Thank you for the wonder ful
that you provide! Candace

Delbert W Duncan
Duncan LTD
Louisville, KY. USA

I’m a Good, Trustworthy, Loyal, Friend, not quite as dumb as a rock.

Sharon Hanlon
Mc and Mc
Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire. UK


I’ve always been fascinated by the lustre and reflective quality of
glass, which has led me to explore different methods of forming and
fusing bullseye, dichroic and recyled glass. Working with fellow
artist Anna McDade, we formed jewellery making company Mc and Mc in
2008 and have developed a range of products combining glass and
silver. Through experimentation and risk taking I hope to acquire a
thorough understanding of the glass making process leading to the
production of striking and uplifting forms.

Kimberly Wheeler
Wapakoneta, OH. USA


I am an art educator, mother of three and a jewelry maker (with what
ever time is left in the day). I like to work with sterling silver
wire. I am interested in learning more advanced techniques and