[Welcome] New Members for July 22, 2015

Please welcome our newest members…

Marie Wesby
Colorado Springs, CO. USA

Hi, My name is Marie, I join the group to interact with others that
think creating beautiful art pieces that put a smile in everyone
hearts, I’m new to forum so I might need a little help on how this
works so please be patient with me. I’m delight and grateful to have
this opportunity to communicate with a group of talented like minded
individual. I work hard at creating pieces that express my feeling
of losing an angel that was in my life for a short while. I love all
I see beauty in everything that God has made and I use
that to make others see that no matter what it loo ked like with a
smile it can change into a beauty piece that you can love.

Abdullah Que
Nanaimo, ON. Canada

Gold caster

David BARTEK Bartek
McKinney, TX. USA

I’m a novice, learning silver smithing as a hobby. I have been
cutting coins for the past 3+ years and have been taking fabrication
classes for the past year to pick up silver soldering and other
joining techniques and am branching out into making some rings,
pendants, etc. Cutting coins is still my primary focus but now
incorporating them into larger pieces.

Erin Murphy
Providence, RI. USA

Beginner metal smith. Graduate student (art education) with a
background in graphic design. Recently set up a metals shop in my

Luisa Alessandra Degioanni Evans
Banchory, Aberdeensire. UK

Total beginner in jewellery. will start classes in the autumn so
reading as much as I can now!

Luka Isherwood
Huddersfield, UK

Hello. I’ve been making jewellery and other pieces for about 4 years
so I see myself at the start of a very exciting journey. Working
mainly with sterling silver I love to explore many techniques and
discover new skills and methods. I am still to find my personal
style but enjoy the experience so far, though I am starting to be
drawn to creating more and more abstract pieces. You can see some of
my work so far by searching EhTout online, in Etsy or on Facebook.
Luka. x