[Welcome] New Members for July 22, 2010

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Please welcome our newest members…

Randy Wisnia
Whimsical you
Dallas, OR. USA

“Whimsical You” is an open teaching/learning studio located in the
beautiful Willamette Valley of Northern Oregon. Our studios are
located in a grand 1880’s Queen Anne Victorian known as “Celtic
House”. Activities include Lost Wax casting, Metalsmithing,
Sculpture, 2D and 3D art, Life mask casting, Candle making, Stained
Glass, Enameling, Mosaics, and pottery, all in a complimentary
garden inveronment.

Christian Stack
Christian Stack Designs
Denver, CO. USA


I make ancient futures, melding metal, man, and mineral. I welcome
all comments and criticism as I am striving to better myself on all
facets. Get it? facets?

Linda Lorndale
McLean, VA. USA

I am a jewelry design student.

Gillian Smith
Nambour, Queensland. Australia

A couple of months ago I attended a weekend silversmith course and
basically took to it like a duck to water. Those two days seem to
have transformed my life. A week later I found myself at a jewellery
tool shop putting together a basic collection of tools and equipment
and then on to a metal supplier to purchase some silver. I find I’m
spending every available moment at my bench creating and as my
equipment increases am slowly spreading further and further though
my partners shed. I have a small sketch book with me constantly
which is rapidly getting filled with hundreds of ideas and am having
a most marvellous time desiging, creating and experimenting. I was
recommended to your website by one of the guys at AJS and it is now
setup as my home page. It was a relief to know that I I’m not the
only one with such an obsession for metal and I find your website an
endless source of help and inspiration and look forward to sharing
more over the coming months as my designs/ideas start to take shape.