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[Welcome] New Members for July 21, 2009


Please welcome our newest members!

Karen N/A Tasker
The Kracked Bead
Ottawa, Ontario. Canada

I am new to the business of jewelry making and selling. I’m
interested in all aspects of jewelry from antiques to wire wrapping
and chainmaille. I have experience in beading, chainmail, wire work
and would enjoy hearing from others who have experience in these
fields. I’m particularly interested in hearing from others on the
subject of selling jewelery. I live in Ottawa Ontario and find it not
so easy to find places to sell my jewelery and so any advice would be
helpful. I have been making jewelery for about ten years.

L Morton Mills
Tullahoma, TN. USA

I’ve managed Jewelry Stores for 25 years across the country, started
out in College and never gave it up. It is ADDICTIVE! I love the
one-on-one relationship you are able to have with customers.

Kelly Clitheroe
Maille Fantasy
Clifton Springs, Victoria. Australia

I am a beginner to jewellery making, although I have been making
chainmaille jewellery for 2 years. I teach Secondary School Maths,
Science and Technology but have always tried to express myelf through
a creative, visual and tactile media to exercise both sides of my
brain. I have mostly taught myself everything through reading and
trial and error, but I did do an introductory silver-smithing course
last year, which made me want to try more technical processes.

Anna McDade
Mc and Mc
Accrington, UK

I am one half of a Lancashire (UK) based jewellery making partnership
called Mc and Mc (McDade and McBreen). We work primarily in silver
and kiln formed glass: my personal background is actually in 2d
digital design, and I originally began experimenting with jewellery
techniques as an attempt to transfer my digital designs onto wearable
items. This started around a year ago and has literally run away with
itself! Our Jewellery is stocked in the Urbis in Manchester and I
still exhibit my digital work in a variety of venues and formats
across the UK.

Mary M Matttos
Kailua, HI. USA

Jewelry making hobbiest for the past 7 years, graduating from simple
bead work to chainmaille to metalsmithing. Am a tool junkie and own
more than I will probably ever use. Always trying to find better ways
to flawlessly solder. Have taken classes from the Art Academy here as
well as with ind ividual artisans.