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[Welcome] New Members for July 20, 2013

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Please welcome our newest members…

Gabriele Dunn
Makawao, HI. USA

I live and work in Maui designing and fabricating jewelry pieces in
my studio. I make pieces with the prevailing theme of “All things
ocean and sea”. Also creating and emulating sea creatures. I work in
shells, stones, and metals.

I have come to Ganoksin to find on using gold-filled
metals in soldering. Sadly, there is a huge absence of working
on this subject. If you want to know about using silver
(or gold, or other widely used metals) there is a plethora of
Gold-filled, not so much. Wi th the high cost of gold,
choosing gold-filled as an option in gold metal fabrication can be a
workable option. The best ways to use gold-filled is an excellent
subject as there seems to be a plentiful supply of gold-filled
findings and chain- it would be nice to know the ins and outs of
using them in soldering and fabrication. I plan on bringing whatever
that I learn or experience I garner to the forums to
hopefully help others seeking knowledge and guidance in the use of

Carol Carpenter
Indialantic, FL. USA

Hobbyist learning metalsmithing.

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Hi Gabrielle,

Welcome to this, opinionated at times but always extremely
informative corner of the internet. Your focus on the sea seems to
parallel my current project for which I have given the working title
Sea Pictures (the cultural reference is to a set of songs by Edward
Elgar. I work more or less exclusively in silver, mostly my own
casting, so I can’t offer any assistance on working with gold filled
materials. I suppose what interests me more is the aesthetic vision
through which you focus on the sea. Feel free to contact me if you
are interested in some e-mail banter.

All the best
Jenifer Gow
Tears of the Moon Artisan Jewellery