[Welcome] New Members for July 19, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Leslie A Davidson
LAF Designs
Reseda, CA. USA

I became disabled in 2000 and decided it was an opportunity to try
something I had never done before - something in the art field. It
took a lot of twists and turns of learning and creating before I
picked up my first piece of metal but it was love at first site.

I have been working with metal, stone, beads etc… for about two
years now and hoping to start selling seriously in October of this
year. I did a small sampling of selling in a few locations last year
(2008) and had a lot of luck.

I am looking forward to this community so I can continue to learn
and share the little I have learned with others.

Marisa Holden
Perth, Australia

I am a wire and gemstone jewelry artist. I love the color of
different color combinations and unusual designs. I adore
wire wrapping and have been working a lot with copper lately. I love
the concept of offering my jewelry via my own website because it
involves a lot of different aspects, like taking photos, writing
descriptions, organising the website and marketing.

Johan Loots
Palm Springs, CA. USA

My hobby is Hydrometallurgy, I am experimenting on the use of
Microwaves to melt Precious metals. I wish to cast small jewelary
objects for resale. Any help would be much appreciated