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[Welcome] New Members for July 18, 2013

Orchid Circulation: 13,000 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Irena Pawlak
Silver Spring, MD. USA

My father and I were always very close - he was my best friend and
hero. Aside from being hilarious, he always encouraged me to be
creative. One avenue of creativity was jewelry design. My father was
very into gemstones and their properties as well as beauty. Over the
years, he had collected lots of different gems. On special occasions
he would take me to the jeweler and let me pick out my own design
and creation. It was awesome.

In July 2010, unfortunately he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
I spent the majority of my time with him and to keep us occupied we
became obsessed with stone collecting. When he passed, I was
devastated because we were on the verge of starting a new treatment,
which we marked with a pair of tsavorite garnet earrings.

Afterwards, while gathering his things I found all the parcels of
gems we had amassed! I wanted to capture those moments of individual
design and started making my own pieces. Not easy! Mounting,
setting, metal work, my hat is off to you guys, but I am getting
there. There is nothing like making a gorgeous piece of jewelry and
then sharing it with others. I think that is what my dad felt.

In April 2013 I received permission to be an official Pancreatic
Cancer Action Network Sales Ambassador. Essentially, I’ve pledged to
raise at least $2500 in one year in sales. Accordingly, I donate 20%
of every sale to my PanCAN fund. I love the Action Network - finally
a charity that’t not afraid to get their hands dirty. In fact, I
recently attended the 2013 DC Congressional Advocacy Conference and
got to battle it out with my state representatives who I discovered
are idiots.

In any event, making jewelry makes me feel more like a superhero
than an advocacy thug by being able to find beauty amidst the

Sandra Dee Owens
Benson, Vermont. USA

My husband Bill and I have been creating high quality hand made
jewelry in precious metal and select gemstones since 1982.

Brian Martin
Bend, Oregon. USA

Just learning to work with metal. Want to make my own jewelry!

Chuck Deutschman
Walnut Creek, USA

Am interested in glass on metal; metal formation; glass slumping
with inclusion and experimental uses of enamel on metal.

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