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[Welcome] New Members for July 18, 2012

Orchid Circulation: 13,000 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Carol J Hedlund
Amethyst to Zircon
Guilford, NY. USA

I have been crafting jewelry for almost 15 years. I started when I
just couldn’t find the “right” jewelry for my wedding. So I visited
the local bead store, purchased some pearls and amethyst and became
addicted immediately!

Elizabeth Brehmer
Findings Incorporated
Keene, New Hampshire. USA

My passion is jewelry of all kinds! I am a bench jeweler and
designer that has been making jewelry for the past 37 years.
Domestic and European trained, I have plied my skills in many areas
of the jewelry world from custom work, to technical
educator-teacher, learner, marketer, manufacturer (large and small)
and my curiosity always drives me to learn something new about
making jewelry. I love the process of working with metals of all
kinds; my sole is fed by learning and sharing with those that love
to work with metals.

Dan F
Hamilton, Canada

Ready to make some jewelry