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[Welcome] New Members for July 18, 2009


Please welcome our newest members!

June Kelly
Manchester, UK

Hi My name is June Kelly and I live in Manchester, UK, with my
husband David a Musician and Luther, we have 3 dogs (Border Collies)
and two residing field mice whom have chosen to grace us by their
existence and share our town garden.

I am relatively new to the Jewellery Designing game and have been
making jewellery for the past 3 years or so (part-time). I completed
a foundation course at my local college in Metal Smithy and Visual
Design and left with 2 Distinctions (to my surprise and delight). I
find that working with metal and wire is the best stress relief from
my full time sales job and can disappear into my workshop for 8 or
10 hours at a time. Along with the above training I have purchased a
number of courses from the US, including a Wire Sculpturing and
Victoria Lansford Russian Filigree, and Eni Okens wonder ful wire

As you can gather from the above my designs are ‘collective’ and I
am still experimenting where my Jewellery Design is going.

I have sold a number of pieces, although I dont, at this stage, do
any marketing

Thats it really

Thanks for taking the time to read my introduction and please feel
free to contact me.

Kind regards

Karen Risinger
Oklahoma City, OK. USA

At the complete beginner stage, so I’m here to mostly read and lurk
at the moment. I am interested in learning basic fabrication at this
point, and hand-made chain.

Michele Bowers
Fairfax, CA. USA

A curiosity that lead me to a silversmithing class at my local
college has grown in to a passion for jewelry making. I’m moving
from making pieces for myself to making pieces for everyone else.

James B Barton
Paris, KY. USA

Hi - I’m actually an old member of the Orchid forum, but have been
inactive for many years. I have recently begun to do fused glass,
fabricated jewelry, and some sculpture. Just a hobby and I don’t sell
my work. Inactive but I have never lost my interest. I’m pretty rusty
and so are a lot of my tools, but hey never to late to start again.
I hope!