[Welcome] New Members for July 17, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Vivienne Louise Campbell
El Sobrante, CA. USA

About myself…I have been a nurse for almost 30 years. I took up
beading several years ago more as a hobby than anything serious. It
wasn’t long, however, before I got hooked on all things jewelry! I
started dabbling in PMC and wire work, and the more I learned, the
more I knew that I wanted to do more. My friend who turned me on to
your site started teaching me some basics of goldsmithing and the
lost wax casting process. Now that I have sucessfully completed
several projects, with him providing the metal pouring and finishing
piece, it’s time for me to take it to the next level. I’m pretty
sure my friend referred me to this site so that I could get some of
my many questions answered without having to bug him so much!!!
LOL! At any rate, I am excited to be able to have access to the
amassed knowlege of so many jewelry professionals on this site and
look forward to learning m uch about this art! It is my ultimate goal
to one day be good enough to ditch my “day job” and design full

Sonora Greer-Polkow
Portland, OR. USA


Small business owner and jeweler. My mother and I have finally
launched our website and online store. I’m looking forward to
exchanging ideas.

Andi N Velgos
Providence, RI. USA

I am a recent RISD graduate with an MFA in Jewelry + Metalsmithing.
My current work is inspired and driven by natural growths like
mushrooms and fungus and I am interested in the way that these forms
attach themselves to other living forms. Likewise, my objects
explore the potential for growth wit h the human body as a site. I
work with steel, copper, plastics and pigments to create organic
forms with colorful and curious surface textures, reminiscent of the
growths that inspired them.

Jeff Graham
Berthoud, USA

I’m a hand engraver. Specializing in engraved jewelry.