[Welcome] New Members for July 15, 2010

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Please welcome our newest members…

Julie A Strader
Hood River Jewelers
Hood River, OR. USA

Julie A Strader
JA certified bench jeweler
AGS certified jewelry arts professional

Making and designing fine jewelry for a super long time.

Patricia Thom
Gosport, Hants. UK

I am a young st heart lady who got the jewellry making bug just over
a year ago in an effort to stop smoking. If I had known how
addictive it could be I might have been more wary!!! I started
stringing but soon got into wire work and now chain maille is my
passion. I find it quite meditative- all that concentrating. It
would be my dream to sell my jewellry but I haven’t the nerve at the
moment- I am not confident enough in my abilities - although I find
they do go down well as gifts to family and friends. Ah well I’ll
keep on practicing and reading about it.

Susan Wolfe Akers
True Alchemy
Brooklyn, NY. USA


I am a relative new comer to the Jewelry industry but I love it. I
live in the NYC area and have studied at many of the private studios
around town. I am currently focused on Enamel jewelry.