[Welcome] New Members for July 15, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Paul B. Perkins
Eustis, FL. USA

I’m a bench jeweler, goldsmith, and designer in central Florida.

Elizabeth Lass
Elixir9 Jewelry
San Francisco, CA. USA, 94102


Hello! I’m Elizabeth Lass, designer and metalsmith of Elixir9
jewelry. I handcraft each piece in my San Francisco studio using
recycled sterling silver, fossils, semi-precious stones, and 14K
gold fill accents. I have a BFA in Industrial Design from Carnegie
Mellon, and I graduated in December 2008 from the Jewelry Technician
Intensive at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts. I love working with
metal, and I can’t believe it took me so long to realize that
jewelry is the most perfect blend of craft, design, science, and
fashion I could ever hope for. I’ve been reading the Orchid forums
for some time and am thankful this resource exists. Cheers!

Karen Ellen Hadley
Whitehall, NY. USA

Hi, I have MS and MD, but I refuse to let that bother me. The Jewelry
I make I sell for donations and I do placr my amount. The monies go
for calling cards for our woman and nem ove there fighting. It realy
make for a realy good christmass, and Holidays!

Dana M Gamache
Vancouver, BC. Canada

Hello! I am new to jewelry making. I have been taking classes
recently and I have literally found my passion in life! I am hoping
to learn from the experts.

Zoe Twirlybird
Leeds, UK

Hi. I studied jewellery in Leeds about seven years ago under
inspiring teachers Nina and Fiona at Swarthmore. Since I was made
redundant, I have been jewelling away at home, inspired by the birds
and plants in the gardens I work in. Creating somethings shiny that
let people go “Ooooo!” is about the most fun I can have on my own,
and I hope to be brave enough to show my pieces to more people soon!