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[Welcome] New Members for July 12, 2011

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Please welcome our newest members…

Cynthia Peplinski
C Peplinski Designs
Dodgeville, WI. USA

I have always been intrigued by the old Renaissance jewelery in the
British Museum and artists working in that style today. I appreciate
the complexity of their work and the fact that jewelry tools, aside
from using electricity, haven’t changed that much through the
centuries. I appreciate learning techniques such as enameling,
engraving, chasing and repousse. Although my work is more modern and
simple, it is mainly because I haven’t achieved such a high level of
competency of the old masters.

Marie Wroble
Ocean View, USA

I am a thinking about making sea glass jewelery. Afew friends of
mine have been collecting glass for years and now that we are all
retired we would like to design a make jewelery with it. We are
ROOKies and need any help one can offer.