[Welcome] New Members for July 12, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Sherry Terry
Carrollton, TX. USA

I have been drawn to metal for a long time. But metal class in
school was just for guys. What a shame! I’ve been taking metal
fabrication classes for 3 years and will continue for a long time!

Norman Sorensen
Creston, British Columbia. Canada

At the age of 15 I left home with a circus, it did not take long to
realize that was no life for me. Since then I have been a waiter,taxi
driver,carpenter,truck driver,bush pilot,rancher,Owned a Recreational
Enterprise business with lodges,horses etc. Last but not least a
Jeweler. In 1977 my wife and I went to Phoenix, Arizonia for a 3
month vacation at a RV park. There we learned Lapidary and Silver
smithing. I fell in love with the chance of turning simple rocks into
beautiful pieces of jewelry. I bought tools,supplies, all thing
needed to be the best in my new hobby. Over the years I read every
book on jewelry making, attended classes at Rio Grande courses,
Tucson Gem Show, returned to Arizonia for more lessons from every day
people to understand all aspects of the trade. I went to Quartzite,
Arizonia in 1992 and joined the Roadrunners Gem and Mineral Club, one
of the largest gem club in North America. There I learned
Faceting,gold smithing,casting, and all other aspects of jewelry
making. I also became an Instructor for the club. There I discovered
Ammolite, I fell in love with this beautiful material. It is
extremely hard to work with and great care must be taken in the
challenge to make life long lasting jewelry. I now spend 60% of my
time working with this exceptional rare gem, which has been stated by
the International Gem Society as natures Rarest Gem. I do hope you
appreciate this gem as I do. The rest of my jewelry time is still
spent in facating, silver and gold smithing etc. I would love to hear
from you. Communication is the most important part of life.

Susan M Howland
SMH Jewelry Designs
McKinney, TX. USA

I graduated fron TIJT, in Paris, TX in 2004, with my JA certification
as a 2nd Level Bench Jeweler & an Associate’s Degree in Jewelry
Technology. In 2006 I completed my Graduate Gemologist certification
from GIA, and I started a little home-based jewelery business. Right
now I’m earning my BFA in Metalsmithing from UNT, and I hope to find
employment as a jewelry designer in the next year and a half when I
graduate in December of 2010. Design has been a long-time passion of
since taking my first jewelry class way back in highschool. I will
post some of my work in the future, and I hope to continue to make
wonderful contacts in the jewelry industry.