[Welcome] New Members for July 11, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Chantel Bishop
Halifax, Nova Scotia. Canada

I am the jewellery studio technician at NSCAD University in Halifax
(Canada). There is a lot of machine/studio maintenance that I would
like to learn! Thanks to all who are willing to help :slight_smile:

Maria Chavez
Socorro, NM. USA

I am a librarian who makes jewelry as a hobby. I started in college
and I’m trying to put together a home workshop.

Michael Okean
Juno Beach, Florida. USA

I started out with an interest in stones and jewelry having a rock
collection about as far back as I can remember. When I was thirteen,
I took up lapidary work, both cabbing and faceting, at home in PA for
spare cash; and later professionally in NYC ion my late teens. In my
twenties, I was hired by a NYC jewelry manufacturing company as a
stone-picker and buyer, and so became familiar with the stations in
production work. Since then, I have always dabbled in jewelry making.
Recently (2007) I started a jewelry business with my wife; with the
intent to make out own designs in silver and go ld, using unusual
bought on EBay and at gem shows, with shells that we find
locally on the beach near where we live in FL. We have also expanded
our concept to include more traditional jewelry manufacturing and
design. I hope to get up to speed with CAD in the near future as
well. So far, we’ve had our share of problems making sustainable
sales in this tight market. I have found Orchid to be an extremely
informative, and I’m happy to have finally joined up.

Anthony Bain
Blackburn, UK

Hi all I am a hobby jeweller making handmade items of precious and
semi precious metals and gems, I pride myself, on my unique designs
and make many varied and unusual items, I have been using this site
for many years for tech advice.

Whilst my hobby is not my livleyhood it is self funding and as such I
have been able to indulge a very satisfying passtime for many years,
I have NO recognised qualifications and I am entirley self taught.
Please do feel free to view any pictures that of my work that I will
be uploading and please do make comments as I am learning and all
advice will be greatlfuly accepted, please do excuse the quality of
my pictures as I take them all myself using rudimentry equiptment.

Welcome to all new Orchid members.

I’m especially glad to see another Orchid member who’s in the UK,
Anthony Bain from Blackburn, and so close to me in Preston too. I
may actually get to meet a fellow Orchid member sometime! It would be
great to see your pictures too but we can’t easily submit pictures,
or at least I’ve not yet worked out how to do so. Send us an email so
we have your email address.