[Welcome] New Members for January 9, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Cydney V Bacon
Yakima, WA. USA

I am just now re-engergizing my interst in metalsmithing. I did some
of it in college and loved it. I am currently a middle school
counselor and in dire need of other things to do.

I am interested in developing my own style and creativity and hope
to be a gallery contender some day.

Eileen Melia Cole
Eileen Cole Designs
Milwauke, WI. USA

I have been taking metal smithing classes at the local technical
college for the past two years. There is something about working
with the metal that makes me happy. I look forward to learning a
great deal from Orchid members. Ganoksin is a wonderful site. Thank

Lynnette M Galloway
Anchorage, AK. USA

I have been making jewelry for the last 2 years and started after
taking some courses from the University of Alaska. I belong to the
local metals guild and am always looking for was to expand my
designs and ideas.

Kat Leigh Glazewski
Savannah College of Art and Design
Savannah, GA. USA

Currently a senior in college, majoring in Jewelry and Metalworks,
and at the moment working on my senior graduation project. My focus
is the garnet inlaid jewelry of the Anglo-Saxons (Sutton Hoo,
Staffordshire, Kentish Disk Brooches) with a focus on museum
research, recreation, and case look-alikes.

I’m a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, though
relatively inactive since moving to college.

My favorite materials are semi-precious and slab cut stones.

Arnald Climent
Barcelona, Catalonia. Spain

I’m a jeweler from Barcelona. I like jewelry and gemmology and
lastly I’m specially interessed in platinum jewelry, not so easy to
find when talking about Contemporary Jewelry. I’d like to find here
artists that use that particular metal in innovative creations.

Jim McEwen
Melbourne, Victoria. Australia

Interested amateur

Barbra S Blake
Barbra S. Blake Design
Berkeley, CA. USA

I am a beginning jeweler, very interested in earrings, necklaces and
bracelets; raising ceremonial cups and objects; enameling ceremonial
cups and enameling wall pieces.

Maria Mercedes Pacheco
hito arte
Bogota, Cundinm. Colombia


Think I live in Colombia, where you make everything. You learn to
work from the very beginning. My first Master, Jose Fanta, from
Checoslovakia. Then I travelled to Europe, worked with Claude
Bergmann, Suisse jeweler. Walked a year in India, from Nepal, to
Goa. Diamond grading and coloured stones in NY, at the GIA. I work
wax models, and make lostwax pieces. Philligrane in. gold and silver.
History of Jewelry seminar. Design workshop. Everyday creating. Also
love horses, work in dressage, equinotherapy, and learning volting.
I have a 25 year daughter, and 18 year son. Life smiles to me each