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[Welcome] New Members for January 8, 2011

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Please welcome our newest members…

Vickie Smith
Catonsville, MD. USA

Just finished my first intro to art jewelry class at MICA in
Baltimore. I have been working as an occupational therapist for 28
yrs and have decided to explore learning to be a metalsmith.
Planning to set up a studio in my home as I have the space and time.
Already have the flex shaft, bench and space but looking to set up a
gas soldering station in my basement. Just looking for advice and
general info on making jewelry

Robert A Ferrusi
Ferrusi fine jewelers
Red hook, NY. USA

Hello and thank you for reading my bio. My name is Robert Ferrusi and
I have been a bench jeweler and shop owner for over 27 years. I
became a jeweler by default after having a traumatic and near fatal
hiking acident which I fell 85 feet off a cliff in Platt Clove NY in
1979. After realizing my dreams of becoming an US Army
airbone-ranger were not to be, I went off to college and after taking
my art elective of “metals & jewlery making” fell in love! I knew
that was my calling. I later went to the Joseph Bulova School of
watchmaking in Woodside, NY and graduated from there jewelry repair
and design school. After working in Manhattan and then Millerton NY
for a guild jewelry store I bought an exising jewelry store in
Rhinebeck, NY from a master watchmaker who was ready to retire. I
was 26 years old and a bit anxious but it all seem to fly by and
work out. Well I am still doing it and loving it and look ing forward
to meeting new jewelry buddies to share info, tips and humor in this
crazy and ever-changing field! Cheers!

Samuel Fields
New York, USA

I am working women, and i am very intrested in jewelry

Janet Fisher
St Augustine, FL. USA

I am interested in all of the visual arts. I’ve been making jewelry
about five years and prefer fabrication and enameling, especially
cloisonne. Though currently in NE Florida, I’m from Miami and have a
BFA from the Univ. of Miami.