[Welcome] New Members for January 8, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Harvinder Kaur Keila
The Loud Lion
Woodland Hills, CA. USA

Hi, I’m new to silversmithing and i’m excited to learn more here, nice
to meet you all, Harv

Don Buckles
Buckles Designs
The Dalles, Oregon. USA

Hello everyone. I’m new to the community here so it’s going to take
me forever to catch up and figure out what’s up here. Well a little
about me, I guess I’m a self taught jewelry artist with 3
generations that were into rock collecting and lapidary.

Indrek Mesi
Tallinn, Estonia

I’m a history student who instead wants to study jewellery.

Back in highschool I took part in a metalworking course for a few
years as well as trying out blacksmithing and have wanted to further
my metalworking/jewellery skills ever since. I’m currently preparing
myself for the 2010 summer entry exams for jewellery in the Estonian
Academy of Arts.

I’m eager to learn the basics I have missed or haven’t perfected and
to hear any (on-topic) tips and tricks available to improve myself.

Rachael DePasquale
Brookline, MA. USA


I have always loved jewelry. Whether it is in the form of a bold
necklace that acts a centerpiece or a delicate pair of earrings that
subtly compliment an outfit, I am never without it.

After enrolling in a silversmithing course in 2006, I found that I
had a desire to experiment with forming, cutting and coloring metal.
The excitement at seeing my work take shape into wearable pieces of
jewelry led me to pick up silversmithing as a serious hobby. I am
very new to this art form and I am eager to expand my knowledge and
skills as a participant in the Ganoksin community.

Violaine Ulmer
Toulouse, France

Designing and making jewelry since a couple of years. Mostly gold
and silver, but I recently discovered porcelaine and enjoy blending
classical jewelry techniques with this material. Some exemples can
be found on http://www.violaine-ulmer.com

One reason to join the Orchid family is to link up with other
designers, jewellers or galleries. Either here in France, in Europe
or anywhere else.


Cliff Manthey
Sebastian, FL. USA

I enjoy Lapidary and making Jewelry.